About Company

Broil Fleet Management is ISO 9001 & CE certified company established in 2006 in Mehsana-Gujarat-India. The company basically run by the BROIL GROUP. Broil Fleet Management is one of the reputed sensor and meter manufacturer and supplier company and emerged one of the iconic brand for the last few years.
The company has it's own morals and standards that makes it to perform out of the box. The experienced management and youth power makes the company to grow at the cumulative rate. Company has management, finance, sales, account, manufacture, supply, testing and customer care department. Each department has been allocated expert manager with dedicated team. The company has equipped cutting edge technology to gain high percentage of customer satisfaction and support. There is an also research and development department that studies the world market and analyse market demand and supply that makes the company to have correct decision.

Goal & Mission


We strongly believe in customer satisfaction. We keep taking the feedback at some time of interval so that we can have better understanding of client's needs and expectation.
Brand : Our mission is to make the BROIL as a iconic brand through out the world wide.
The Broil Fleet Management always proud of its dedicated efforts culture. We are committed to the pursuit of challenging goals and to satisfy environmental protection, continuous improvement, openness social responsibility in each and every aspects of our business around the world.

Qualified People

Mr. Gaurav patel

Head- production and planing

Gaurav patel is Graduate in mechanical engineering and 5 years experience in production planing and machining department

Mr. Dipak sadhu


Diploma in production engineering and 10 years experience in design , graphics and programing of CNC base machinery,

Mr. Vishal patel


Master degree in marking administration and computer science and 10 years experience in customer development and customer service

Quality Assurance

  • Broil Fleet Management (ISO 9001:2008 & CE certified)

    1) Design and control
    2) Quality control plan : Incoming and in process inspection
    3) Final Assembly , Testing and Calibration of finish product with Test Reports
    4) Detail of laboratory quality system

Broil Group

Broil Sensotek Industries

its a main company of broil group engage in production of
Process Control Instrument and its Software
Broil Sensotek Industris main product as bellow
-- Turbine flow sensor and meter
-- Helical rotor flow sensor and meter
-- Pressure Transmitter
-- Temperature sensor
-- Digital water meter and sensor
-- Software development
-- Indicator and controller
-- R&D department

Broil Fleet Management

Engage in production of fuel consumption system and its accessories,
its main product:
-- Oval gear fuel flow sensor and meter
-- Positive displacement flow sensor and meter
-- Fuel consumption meter for diesel generator, automobile vehicle, marine ship and boat, mines equipment, mobile tower BTS and agriculture machinery.

Broil Tool Room

Toolroom Work related to CNC and VMC base precision machining work, all three company in one roof and capable to provide customer satisfaction in them field. BROIL group is engage in industrial field from last 10 years.

The Best of Professionals

Years of experience that make sense

Broil Fleet Management has very experienced human resource. Each of one is mastered his/her area of work. The working flow of the company running so smoothly that the load of work never realized. Each of one is fully responsible for his/her own work.

our clients say


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