Diaphragm seal pressure transmitter

Model No :: BT PT 100-DS
Product Specification ::


Broiltech Developed diaphragm seal pressure transmitter BT PT 100 DS, its availavle in both option : extended capillary diaphragm seal and inline diaphragm seal,

Diaphragm seal pressure transmitter is best for measuring pressure of corosive liquied and high temp ,

extended capillary diaphragm seal pressure transmitter is best option for high temp pressure measurement application up to 700 deg c,

BROILTECH   diaphragm seal pressure transmitter available with cutomer require thread/ flange/ and diaphragm with capillary option, 

Diaphragm Seal Pressure Transmitter

Model: BT-PT-100 DS

Output signal       : 4 . .20 mA, 0 .. 5/10 Vdc,

Power supplier     : 10 ... 28Vdc (Current Output), 15 .. 30 Vdc (Voltage Output)

Material in contact: AISI3l6L,                           
Case           : AISI304

Process connection:  any standard thread and flange,
Extended capillary : as per customer requirement                           

Life Cycle  :  > 10 Million
Overpressure          :  x2 - x3 FS,                       
Protection   :  IP65

Permitted temperature fluid: -20..+100°C 

Sensor class (included linearity and hysteresis): 0,20%fs

Sensor: Piezoresistive

Range : 0 to 4 Bar ----2000 bar


Product Features ::

Broiltech  diaphragm  pressure transmitter BT PT 100 DS  Has bellow special future:
CE certified product,
Pressure transmitter available with test and calibration certificate, 
Pressure transmitter available with all thread and flange connection as per customer drawing, VAILABLE WITH EXTENDED CAPILLARY
Many optional output : current and voltage
available in Flamproof housing

Range :: Diaphragm seal pressure transmitter
Product Applications ::
  • Process Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Oil
  • Electronic and Electrical
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Plastics Industry