Hydrostatic level transmitter - vented and non vented

Model No :: BT PT 400
Product Specification ::

Broil sensotek industries design and developed hydrostatic base level transmitter its also called submercible level transmitter,

roiltech level transmitter is pressure base level transmitter available and vented and non vented type, its best solution for measuring and controlling  level and volume in open and underground tank,

on vented level transmitter its best solution for measuring water level in DAM, water level in boring well, non vented level transmitter available with inbuild temperature sensor,

 Pressure Transmitter (hydrostatic /submercible )

Model: BT-PT-400  

Output signal       : 4 . .20 mA, 0 .. 5/10 Vdc, RS-232, RS-485

Power supplier     : 10 ... 28Vdc (Current Output), 15 .. 30 Vdc (Voltage Output)

Material in contact: AISI3l6L,                           
Case           : AISI304

Process connection: G1l4”                                  
Overpressure          :  100 bar,                            
Protection   :  IP65

Permitted temperature fluid: : -20..+80°C    

Sensor class (included linearity and hysteresis): 0,25%fs

Sensor: Piezoresistive
Range : minimum tank height : 70 CM to maximum 200 meter

Product Features ::

Hydrostatic level transmitter/ submersible level transmitter

Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Transmitters available with 0.7 meter length to 40 meter length,

Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Transmitters available with Flameproof Housing (CMRI Certified)

    • Broiltech Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Transmitters is CE Compliance ^

    • Range: Hydrostatic Level and Pressure Transmitters Range : 0 to 0.7 meter to 1000 meter^

    • available with digital RS-232/RS 485 OUTPUT

    • available for all liquied like : water, milk, fuel, diesel, chemical, acid etc


Product Applications ::
  • Diesel Generator
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Oil
  • wine and beer industries
  • Water,air and gas
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Food stuf Industry
  • Beverages Industry