midi water flow sensor and meter

Model No :: BT DFS 200/300
Product Specification ::


Water flow sensor and meter- Plastic




Broil sensotek industries, producer of turbine flow meter with digital display battery operated, turbine flow sensor with pulse output and turbine flow meter with 4 to 20mA output,




Model no: BT- DFS-D








Material of construction:


Enclosure                   : POM/PA66+33GF


Rotor                          : POM/PA66+33GF


O-ring                         : NBR/Viton


Shaft                           : Hard Stainless Steel-316


Accuracy (standard installation position) : ±1% to 2% FSD


Repeatability : 0.5%


Maximum working pressure : 1 MPa   for aluminum body




Fluid &Ambient temperature: -40 to90°C


Power voltage:   Battery operated                  


Connection: Thread (M)




1) Pulse output sensor :


Power voltage: 5 - 24V DC / Battery operated


Output signal: NPN open collector  : 5 -24 vdc                                          




high electric level : less than 4.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)


low electric level  : higher than 0.5 VDC( input voltage 5 VDC)


Connection: 3/4 BSP Thread (M)Power voltage: 4.5 TO 24 V DC




2) Battery operated meter  :


Electronic Display counter future :


Type: microprocessor base fully programmable display


Power supply : battery operated


Display: 4 parameter LCD display


First parameter : flow rate 4 digit


Second parameter: grand total 10 digit


Third parameter : batch total 10 digit resettable


Calibration: online auto calibration






flow sensor model no wise  Technical data:




Model no                       Line size                                      Range      


BT-DFS-200       12mm         ½” Thread          0.5~25L/H


BT-DFS-300       18mm     --3/4” Thread           1~60L/M




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midi water flow sensor and meter

Range :: midi water flow sensor and meter
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